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02 Oct 2014 » React with webpack - part 1 19 Sep 2014 » A more powerful hasOwnProperty 10 Jul 2014 » Doing JavaScript inheritance with classy 25 Jun 2014 » unAMD browserify transform - convert AMD to CommonJS 27 Mar 2013 » Lack of...

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Kaveri APUs from AMD are the first APUs with hUMA support. This is a big step for OpenCL development. We can now read and write directly from the GPU to global RAM. Copying huge amount...
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Yes you read that right, the guys at The Internet Archive expanded their library of MS-DOS games to nearly 2,400 titles and it’s all FREE for you to play! The emulators are...
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Heise NewstickerCES: Qnap-NAS mit AMD-ProzessorenHeise NewstickerNun setzt Qnap ein AMD-G-SoC mit vier Kernen, 2,4 GHz Taktfrequenz und Radeon-GPU in
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Package contains the following graphics drivers and required software for the products specified in the current version's official release notes for the 32 bit version of...
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